Stitching together fragments - Melanie Gritzka del Villar
Stitching together fragments


I’m a Filipina-German artist with a background in figurative painting. More recently I’ve been drawn to the use of found objects and mixed media processes.

Having lived in Germany, Spain, England, Thailand and the Philippines, my creative journey has been shaped by an ongoing search for harmony out of disparate cultural and environmental elements. This translates into a sensibility towards stranded objects as holders of fleeting meaning and of latent possibilities for alternative narratives.

My creations are palimpsests traced from a dialogue with the found materials and the environments of which they are a product. I bring to this encounter my own idiom of archaic and dream symbols, inviting the individual histories and inherent properties of the surfaces to speak out in each piece. In uplifting fragments from the flotsam and jetsam of our hurried and restless lives, I hope to inspire audiences to challenge given hierarchies of value.